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Magazine Volunteership Opportunities

Be a part of the most flexible magazine around. Create your own job title. Yup, that’s right. We can get our own damn coffee!


Have fun, get valuable & glamorous career experience, and help a cause you can be passionate about!

We’ve all heard horror stories about internships at magazines. 12 to 18 hour days (in heels, no less!) with no breaks. Not being acknowledged by your superiors. Spending all day on mind-numbing errands.

Grace Coddington at Vogue magazine said of Vogue’s interns: “I’m sure they are somewhat abused and we do send them out to get an awful lot of cups of coffee, but they’re learning all the time.” Well at Urbanette Magazine we think you’ll learn more by *not* being abused or getting coffee. We can get our own damn coffee!

Magazine Volunteership Opportunities

Don’t worry: working with us isn’t stressful – it’s fun and educational!

We’re different. You won’t be filing papers, asked to stay until 3am, or yelled at. Because we publish in print twice yearly instead of monthly, the stress level in the office is nil, and the deadlines are easy to meet. Everything you do will be interesting and on-target with your career goals. If you want to switch tasks, just tell us – there’s plenty of opportunities at Urbanette!

About Urbanette:

As the thinking woman’s guide to the good life, Urbanette Magazine specializes in helping our readers live a confident, happy and healthy life, using 100% original/unique content. We convey a message of positive self-image and empowerment for all women. We respect our reader’s intelligence and strive to deliver articles that enrich their lives. We are a “women can have it all” kind of magazine.

Magazine Volunteership Opportunities

We use our profits to help empower women in developing countries become self-sustaining entrepreneurs!

We feature topics ranging from dating/sex to career advice and interviews with celebrities, CEOs and other inspiring women. We offer straightforward solutions to modern urban living and thought-provoking articles about the culture that we live in. The magazine features articles that are insightful, enlightening and presented with personality.

The Details:

If you submit/write/create something that’s not quite up to Urbanette’s standards, Hilary and another writer will go through what you submitted with you, coach you and help you understand how to improve, until everything you create is 100% kick-ass!

We’re looking for teammates who are 100% reliable, 100% enthusiastic and 100% dedicated. People who believe in the cause, who want to learn, and who strive to go beyond what’s expected of them. We’re real sticklers about that, so if you don’t fit that description, then please don’t apply, as it’ll only waste both of our time.

Magazine Volunteership Opportunities

Work from home or from one of our offices. It’s up to you!

Our volunteerships require that you are productive and engaged for a minimum of 20 hours per week if you want credit for school or on your resumé for a minimum of four months — but we’re extra happy if you put in more time than that! We understand everyone has different schedules so, for most positions, we’re flexible with the days you can work. You are able to put in hours over the weekend as well. When it’s boiled down, we’re really just trying to avoid working with people who are flaky or not really committed, so please — make sure you’re heart’s in it!

Oh yeah, unless you live near one of our offices, you’ll be working from home (or Starbucks, or wherever you choose). We’re looking for dedicated, passionate people, so you must have the discipline to work a minimum of 20 hours per week. If you don’t, please do not apply.

Email us at: volunteers @ (remove the spaces – we’re avoiding spambots) with a cover letter, resume, pdfs of your samples, any requirements listed in your preferred internship position, why you’d like this position, where you see yourself in 5 and 10 years, your schedule and when you would like to start.

We have a variety of positions available…

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Reader Discussion: 32 Comments

  1. Hi I am from the UK – Just celebrated my 5 year Freedom Anniversary after escaping domestc abuse – would love to write an article and/or publish my inspirational art and quotes – evie angel : )

  2. Hello!

    Is this open internationally? I’m from the UK but would love to write for you!

    Thank you

  3. I would love to help you and this Magazine grow and expand! I am a graphic Artist as well as a Photographer from NYC. I Love to work and travel. Any other work I am pretty flexible with my talents and what I can do. I hope to hear back from you all here at Urbanette!!

  4. Leah Collie


    I would like to apply for the social media/marketing intern position. I also have my own blog where I interview talented individuals as well, I would also like to apply for the interview position. Who should I e-mail? Thank you!

  5. Please Consider me an applicant for a graphic design/print design intern position. After reviewing your website, i would consider it a privilege to work with you and your team. I just recently became a senior in Graphic design at the School of Visual Arts. I take great pride in the design work i create and always strive to deliver effective, focused, and on-target designs that fits the clients needs and goals. I look forward to meeting with you to further discuss my qualifications, goals and portfolio.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Dennis Garcia
    SVA Design Student

  6. I’m a freelance stylist I’m able to jump in anytime. Let me know how to apply

  7. Johnnie Chen Photography

    Hi. Do you need graphics design and photography?
    I can do photography and graphic design and magazine etc work. If you need someone please let me know. I can do part time only.

  8. Apply to Jennifer Roberts via email: jennifer

  9. David Rector

    I am the author of the hilarious comedy, wonderful love story and drama filled, Living in Atlanta. I would like to place an ad in Urbanette Magazine. How would I go about that process?

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