5 Ways to Help Your Man Look His Best

Ways to get your man to improve his fashion sense without cramping his style.


Go Shopping Together

Most men dislike shopping; it’s a fact of life. Next time you’re running errands, casually suggest you make a quick stop at a men’s clothing store. Once you’re both inside pick out a casual yet dressy piece you think would look good on him, like a button up casual shirt, and ask him “just to try it on and see.” Once he gets in the fitting room, you’re halfway through the battle.

5 Ways to Help Your Man Look His Best

Remember to Compliment

Always remember to pay a heartfelt compliment when your significant other wears something you picked out. Every man wants to hear he looks handsome and some loving words might just be the motivation he needs to add some more style to his wardrobe. He’ll feel better about wearing something new when he knows you appreciate the gesture.

Be a Stylish Example

You can’t expect your husband to dress up every now and then if you don’t. Take pride in yourself by staying up-to-date with the latest trends and wearing clothing that is well-suited for your shape. A joint update may sound pretty appealing since it shows your boyfriend or husband that it’s not just about him, but about your presence as a couple.

Most of all remember this: it’s not life-or-death. It’s just fashion. Have fun with it!

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Reader Discussion: 70 Comments

  1. Men could wear the same pair of pants for years and no one would even notice except YOU, the GIRLFRIEND.

  2. People easily judge others by how they dress. I wouldn’t want anyone judging my man ass someone who is a lousy dresser so I would rather be blunt about it. There are nicer words to use just so I won’t have to upset him.

  3. My partner actually listens to me for fashion advice. Whenever I would tell him that a certain color looks good, he would try to find clothes that are of the same color and would ask me if it looks okay. It’s funny because men think that blue is just blue and not aqua blue, turquoise or teal. Well, not all men, but if you know what I mean. We have to help them in this department because most men really are oblivious. It gets annoying sometimes because if he wandered to a store on his own, he would send a picture of the clothes to me and ask for my approval! ?

    • Lily

      It’s great that he’s open about issues like this. It will be easier for you to fix dress issues.

  4. Ora Pope

    I’m very particular about people’s shoes. I could overlook pants and tops but shoes are a different story.

  5. Johanna Fletcher

    I would never even bother dating a man who can’t look after themselves. For something as simple as dressing up properly, anyone should have the knowledge to do it.

  6. Erica Beck

    There was one time that I was urging my man to dress properly but he keeps insisting that he doesn’t want to. It’s not like I’d tell him that he looks ugly in those clothes and let me tell you, I wanted to burn those ugly pants at one point!!! Let’s just say that I’m a fashionable person and I don’t feel good walking around with someone who’s wearing something that looks…. Ugly. I love this person dearly but I want to vomit at how he dresses. He’s the frog, not prince charming. I don’t know how to stress it.

  7. Leslie Roberson

    Sometimes, I do worry about how my man dresses but I realize it’s a horrible thing to do to judge them by how they dress.

  8. Marjorie Sharp

    I dress for comfort so I’m not the one to say that my partner dresses horribly. ☹️

  9. My man would be extremely offended if I comment about how he dresses. But then sometimes I just hate how his sandals look whenever we would go out. He has shoes in his closet but he hates wearing them because he hates wearing socks and shoes because he claims it makes his feet feel sweaty. But then it’s not like he has the greatest hygiene in cleaning his feet or nails. I know, that’s disgusting but I thought it was something that can be changed over time since it’s just feet. But oh god I hate his crunchy heels.? Like, damn I didn’t even know it before since he wore shoes before I dated him. But out of comfort he just managed to dress down as we dated longer.

    • Catherine Hogan

      This is so funny but I feel you. Maybe you should just tell your man to use certain products to soften his heels? Or maybe trick him into having a foot spa right at the comfort of your own home?

  10. Ladies, don’t take his taste too personally. Yes, it’s just fashion. Do’t overreact.

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