Mesmerizing Manila: Hub of the Philippines

A beautiful metropolis with a vibrant culture.


Night Life

Manila is a massive city with a massive population, and its nightlife is commensurately booming. The old district Malate is known for its bars and pubs, which attract big tourist and expat crowds with the familiar taste of good, cold beer. Better try the nation’s pride, San Miguel Beer, while you’re out for a drink. And don’t leave without sampling the locals’ version of a nice cold bottle of beer – Beer Below Zero. It’s a popular Filipino take on the ice-cold beer craze, in which beer is stored and then served at a temperature literally below zero degrees Celsius.

Mesmerizing Manila: Hub of the Philippines

If you’re lucky, you might hear word about an underground indie gig, a spoken word session, or an interesting art exhibit.

Unfortunately, going to the Philippines can’t always be for fun. If you’re on a business trip to anywhere in Metro Manila, make sure to take a day off and tour this historic city. It’ll satisfy your thirst for history and culture while delivering a fun and unforgettable evening. From the cathedrals to the cafés, there’s always something to do or see in Manila.

Mesmerizing Manila: Hub of the Philippines

Are you ready to embrace all that Manila has to offer? Or maybe you’ve been there and have a few sight-seeing suggestions to share. Make sure to leave a comment below!

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Reader Discussion: 72 Comments

  1. Avatar of Jamar Edwards

    Jamar Edwards

    I think it’s a beautiful city. “Most densely populated” means it’s very crowded, tho. But I guess that’s where the fun is. Also, from what I learned, Filipinos’ fascination about everything white’s crazy! Filipinos’ seems to be everywhere, too, especially here on the US! All in all, I believe Manila’s an exciting place and their people are fun.

  2. Avatar of Michelle Norris

    Michelle Norris

    Intramuros is the testimony of the Spanish colonial influence that impacted the Philippines profoundly. It makes Manila different from other cities in Southeast Asia. A fusion of eastern and western culture virtually almost anywhere you look. The only problem in the capital city is the traffic and the beggars living in streets or slums area. You’ll also find waterways clogged with filth and garbage.

  3. Avatar of Blaise Dalton

    Blaise Dalton

    I remembered a fellow student in college who is a Filipina, and she’s so sweet and friendly. She said she grew up and studied in Manila, but was born in the southern regions. I thought they were not that bright, but the way she speaks with confidence and clarity, she is on par with native English speakers. She’s one intelligent girl! (Which explains the scholarship grant she had.) She said that Manila is like the dream city for those who are in the poorer provinces, and many seek opportunity there that makes the city crowded. And, man! Isn’t she a hottie!?

  4. Avatar of Jennifer Hartmann

    Jennifer Hartmann

    I never thought that the Philippines, and Manila for that matter, has so much more than slums and typhoons and monsoon floods or crazy politicians. The news here about the country is all about disasters and politics that they often bury the beautiful side of this place. This article is very informative and will help or encourage us to learn more about this city and all its cultural and historical richness.

  5. Avatar of Kelly Bretz

    Kelly Bretz

    I have friends in Laguna and their hotsprings are so relaxing. Would choose that over Manila anytime.

  6. Avatar of Lois Pagan

    Lois Pagan

    I thought I’d feel out of place in this country but I was wrong. Met tons of friends here and I really hope I could stay longer.

  7. Avatar of Sherry Taylor

    Sherry Taylor

    Locals are insanely polite and they don’t really ask you for anything in return. Not only that, when you ask them something, they’re smiling at you and even if you’ve spend more than 10 minutes trying to get the directions right, some of them would even accompany you if they had the time.

  8. Avatar of Gloria Couch

    Gloria Couch

    Because of work, I had to travel here and stay here for a year and I’ve learned to fall in love with the culture of this country. I think it’s the people that make the experience of staying here.

  9. Avatar of Florence Permenter

    Florence Permenter

    Traffic here is insane especially in Manila. I also don’t like the fact that the weather here is humid and too hot for my liking. In the end we had to book a place somewhere else so that we can enjoy the Philippines more. Our first stay was in Manila but we went to book a flight to Bohol. It was hot there too because what can you expect in a tropical country, but the breeze was definitely better and the traffic was less. There are tons of historic places here.

  10. Avatar of Kathleen Straus

    Kathleen Straus

    El Nido Palawan is so much better than Manila. Went here twice in the Phils already and I liked the countryside better. Great beaches that are hidden gems.

    • Avatar of Kay Rose

      Kay Rose

      Not sure where in Palawan this is but the Underwater River is quite a sight.

    • Avatar of Maryann Phillips

      Maryann Phillips

      Palawan has some of the 7 wonders of the world, right?

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