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Michelle Pfeiffer’s Big Secret

Michelle opens up to us about the lifestyle choice she’ll never give up, and her secret for staying young.


Urbanette: You’ve mentioned that you were once part of a cult that practiced breatharianism. Is going vegan giving you flashbacks of that kind of lifestyle?

Michelle: It dawned on me that I was a member of a cult while I was researching for a role that I played years back. I was young and new in Hollywood and was involved with this couple that claimed to be physical trainers. They put me on a diet that nobody could adhere to. They were very controlling. I wasn’t living with them but I was there a lot and they were always telling me I needed to come more. I had to pay for all the time I was there so it was financially very draining. They believe that people in their highest state were breatharian. They believed that we don’t need food and water to nourish us, only the sun.

Urbanette: It’s great that you got out of it.

Michelle: My first husband, Peter Horton, helped me overcome it.

Michelle Pfeiffer’s Big Secret

Michelle credits her vegan lifestyle for keeping her looking young

Urbanette: Everyone is applauding you for aging gracefully and you’re one of the few female actresses who haven’t gotten plastic surgery. What is your stand on this?

Michelle: Sometimes I think about it, sometimes I don’t. It really depends on how well I’m lit. It depends on my makeup and all kinds of things.

Urbanette: So you are considering it? What are your thoughts on it?

Michelle: I’m not saying that I won’t have plastic surgery at some point. I think that it’s harder and harder the older you get to say never. Especially being in the public eye. It doesn’t really matter, I think that if people actually want to do something here or there, who cares? If it makes them feel a little bit better about themselves… What I object to is too much. And really bad plastic surgery. When I think it becomes a distraction and when people don’t look like themselves anymore. As long as it doesn’t overtake them.

Urbanette: What is your advice for people who are considering going vegan?

Michelle: I would say, do what I did. I just told myself one day that I’m going to do it and I’m going to give myself eight weeks. And that I’m not going to commit on this for a lifetime because it’s psychologically huge for people to wrap their minds around it. And I’m just going to see how I feel, I’m going to test my blood again and see if there’s anything. Giving it that long you sort of get over the fact of feeling how big and difficult it is at the beginning. And if you really give yourself long enough to start feeling differently and sort of see the benefits then it will be great.


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Reader Discussion: 221 Comments

  1. Avatar of Annabelle Christensen

    Annabelle Christensen

    To the people saying “It’s not money, it’s genetics, she hasn’t had any plastic surgery done!” – please, it’s definitely also money. Money to live a perfectly healthy lifestyle. Money to avoid daily stress and anxiety. Money to have a personal trainer to optimize your workout and keep you motivated. A personal chef to cook you consistently healthy and delicious food. A personal maid to clean your place, so you have time for all your leisure activities. Money for spas, facials, creams, and the list goes on and on.

    Is it also genetics? Of course it is. But it’s most certainly also money.

  2. Avatar of Denise Meyers

    The secret to looking like Michelle Pfeiffer at 61 when you’re 61 is to have looked like Michelle Pfeiffer at 21 when you were 21.

  3. Avatar of Mary Jane Carden

    Mary Jane Carden

    For a lot of these women who look “ZOMG so good” in their later years they made the right choice of having very minor plastic surgery done here or there and only a little at a time. The freak horror shows like Nicole Kidman whose face looks too taut and unblemished now had something drastic done at some point. There was an interview recently with another one of these female celebrities who people rave about how they look into their later years and she admitted she’s had work done, she just has a great plastic surgeon, and she gets little things done here and there, instead of anything drastic.

    Genetics play a great part in this. Moisturizing. Staying out of the sun (this is typically why fair skinned celebrities always look younger) The rest of it is plastic surgery to de-age the slight signs of it.

    I also think from looking at pictures of Susan Sarandon and Christie Brinkley they are smart enough not to get the crow’s feet surgery and just let their make-up artist before an event work some magic. I think this is the same thing with Pfeiffer above, you can see she’s got crow’s feet, but since the rest of her face is not too heavily creased you can say “Wow, she looks good for 60” and not “She looks freakishly young and has definitely had some work done.”

  4. Avatar of Naomi Mills

    Naomi Mills

    The secret is plastic surgery, a nutritionist, a personal trainer, and millions of dollars.

    • Avatar of Elma Burton

      Elma Burton

      Cher is like this too. I mean the difference between a good plastic surgeon and a bad one must be like a mechanic fixing your car with the right tools and a drunk going at it with a sledge hammer. Maybe the secret is to stay away from lip bloating and nose chiseling

      • Avatar of Etta Toler

        Etta Toler

        Although Cher had some rough years plastic surgery-wise. She looked like a baboon in Burlesque, but she’s come back around and looks pretty good again.

  5. Avatar of Wanda Stevens

    Wanda Stevens

    If you don’t have the genetics all the rest doesn’t matter. Having all the rest helps of course, but start with good genes. I could spend a million on personal trainers and plastic surgery and never look half as nice as she.

    • Avatar of Mae Holmes

      Mae Holmes

      Her face wears no stress. She is loved by her husband and all her bills are paid. Also being able to afford fantastic skin care products and spas and facials and organic healthy food etc. it costs a lot of money for some movie stars to look the way they do.

    • Avatar of Gabriella Sullivan

      Also having enough money you dont need to worry about things most do. Not spending most of your life working 40 hour weeks every week. Theres a lot of good looking women in the early years that dont age well because of work. Money allows this well, and giving a shit about your appearance.

      • Avatar of Juniper Li

        Juniper Li

        Wow that’s kind of presumptuous. Yeah sure she might not have to worry about money, but she’s been a celebrity the bigger part of her life. She’s been exposed to a whole bunch of stressful things that the average Joe doesn’t have to worry about. Everything she does is put under a magnifying glass, any possible fuck up she does is potential fudder for the media. She constantly has to worry about her public image and can seldomly just enjoy the privacy of herself and her friends and family without people around her staring.

        Being wealthy might help with one’s stress yes, but being a celebrity must be one of the most stressful things I can imagine. I don’t envy her.

        • Avatar of Linda Young

          Firstly I think she is a great actress and seems to be a genuinely nice person. Of course she is stunning as well. However, when she had kids she just decided to take a break from work for many many years because of her priorities. Not criticizing at all, however this suggest stress levels not so high. Yes, many women decide to stay at home, but this is generally accompanied by the financial considerations. Not so much of a worry here.

  6. Avatar of Stacey Wagner

    Stacey Wagner

    Wow she’s almost 60! I don’t believe you can look like that at her age without some procedures done.

  7. Avatar of Kimberley Andrews

    Kimberley Andrews

    Glad she didn’t turn down the role in Dark Shadows. She’s phenomenal in every role she plays. Not to mention her unfailing beauty. True icon. ?

  8. Avatar of Lauren Randell

    Lauren Randell

    Oh Michelle Pfeiffer on of the most beautiful ladies in the whole world. I really love and adore her. firs I watched her in The Lady Hawk, she was breathtaking , scar face, the fabulous beakers,,and so on ….

  9. Avatar of Lucy Soto

    Lucy Soto

    Michelle Pfeiffer is one of the most beautiful talented, down to earth and mysterious actresses in hollywood, she can do any role, my favourite Michelle Pfieffer movies are Ladyhawke, Wolf and Dangerous Minds

  10. Avatar of Gemma Barnes

    Gemma Barnes

    Michelle is down to earth. She is showing maturity as she gets older.Don’t do surgery… keep your skin clean, by keeping it supple and not dry. There are so many ways to do this… diet is the first step….second, proper discipline of sleep. Early to bed, early to rise.

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