4 Ways to Let Nature De-Stress You

Four great ways for urban-dwellers to get back into nature and regain sanity (with NYC-specific tips).


Roll With It

4 Ways to Let Nature De-Stress You

Grab a Citi Bike and ride out to a park

Nowadays, many cities have a bike-share program, so it’s easier than ever to hop on a bike and roll on over to a park for some seriously scenic nature. It’s great exercise and will get you where you’re going faster than being stuck in a cab in rush hour.


Grab a CitiBike and try these highly recommended bike paths:

  • Carroll Gardens to Coney Island
  • Hudson River Greenway
  • Governors Island
  • Bronx River Path
  • Rockaways Ride

Great for explorers and cycling enthusiasts.

4 Ways to Let Nature De-Stress You

Don’t let modern society get the better of you. Let your wildlife-loving inner child out to play. It’s not too late to allow nature help restore your mental health. Expose yourself to the natural elements to lower stress, improve concentration, elevate mood, decrease anxiety, help you get fit and improve your overall mental health.

What do you do to de-stress?

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Reader Discussion: 72 Comments

  1. Avatar of Sasha Smith

    Just looking at green tree’s relaxes our body and mind. Being in a forest should work wonders for our bodies.

  2. Avatar of Charleen Washington

    Charleen Washington

    I totally love these tips! It’s very important and much needed to take a break from the busy routined lifestyle! Try to avoid your cell phone as much as you can. No laptops, No Tv. Try and stay away from every gadget that connects you with the world. Just go on a hike. Take your camera along! Capture everything you wish to. It’ll work like a miracle, and you’ll feel so much better. 🙂

  3. Avatar of Shelley Donalds

    Shelley Donalds

    Sometimes the big city life really depresses me, so I need to take a break and I go to the nearest park and just admire the nature. Just sit in an open area where I can see the nature (trees, birds, may be hills,water etc.) And think, without them, what would be world like? Then I start feeling more relaxed and appreciative about everything in my life.

  4. Avatar of Ingrid Winston

    Ingrid Winston

    I had a major bird watching weekend! On Saturday I went on the bird watching tour in Prospect Park and Sunday my husband and I went to Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. It’s warbler migration time and I saw several kinds in both parks. I am just a beginner which is why it’s good to go with the tour, to hear from the experts. Everyone seemed to be out enjoying nature. 🙂

  5. Avatar of Winona Miller

    Winona Miller

    The Madison Square Park is EVERYTHING! A true treasure in the city! There is always something interesting going on in this well kept park. Free wifi, live events, sculpture displays, pretty flowers & fall foliage. Pick up your lunch, sit here, enjoy the people watching. The squirrels are uber friendly. Don’t be surprised if one climbs up your leg or jumps on your shoulder to see what you’re eating.

  6. Avatar of Brenda Nelson

    Brenda Nelson

    Great tips for those who enjoy a hike or a jog out in the nature! If you are lazy, and don’t enjoy hiking, these may not be the places for you. 😉 Great places to relax and enjoy the tranquility of nature.

  7. Avatar of Leah Helms

    Leah Helms

    Great post, however some of these places are not that well known, and almost a secret spot for some. Places are kept secret for a reason. The unwanted and unappreciative people are the reason why these amazing spots are getting destroyed… I can see your good intnetions, but spreading the word about cherished paradises does more damage than good.

  8. Avatar of Loraine Aguilar

    Loraine Aguilar

    Great piece, love. Such great tips too. I have enjoyed many of these spots. Brought out lots of memories. As much as I’m having a lot of fun during my current visit to Asia, I can’t wait to go back home to New York!

  9. Avatar of Teresa Tanner

    Teresa Tanner

    I love these! But I don’t get to spend enough time in New York to do these. I only visit once a week every month for work meetings. I would love to see a San Francisco version of this guide! PLEASE! 🙂

  10. Avatar of Carolyn Robertson

    Carolyn Robertson

    No lie, I just got a little jealous because of how beautiful and tranquil these places were. Thank you for posting this. I’ll take some time off the busy city life and enjoy a day off at one of these beautiful parks this weekend, even for a few hours. 🙂

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