7 Reasons to Visit Puerto Escondido

Join me on a tour of this rambunctious jalapeno of a surf town!


To Take a Foodie – History Tour with Gina

On your first full day in Puerto Escondido, if you really want get to know the town inside and out, you simply must take a walking tour with Gina Machorro. I was a little skeptical of this idea at first. Getting up at 7am to walk through these busy streets during the warmest time of year sounded a little daunting.

Thankfully, Gina put all of my doubts to rest shortly after we met for breakfast at one of the original structures in Puerto Escondido. Still owned and operated by one of the longest running families in Puerto Escondido, we were treated to a traditional meal that included grilled cactus (quite yummy!), refried beans, and tortillas.

7 Reasons to Visit Puerto Escondido

The restaurant where we had breakfast, in Puerto Escondido

The coffee, made from locally grown Oaxaca beans, was as good — if not better — as what you’d find at a trendy coffeehouse in the West Village of Manhattan. As we devoured our meal, we sat and watched the local fishermen return from the early morning launch to usher their spoils (tuna, snapper, etc) to their families so they could then sell them to the local restaurants. In fact, in Puerto Escondido, fishing is one of the primary means by which people support themselves. I was able to snap a pic with a few of the women during this transition.

7 Reasons to Visit Puerto Escondido

7 Reasons to Visit Puerto Escondido

From there, we moved north to visit one of the most frequented churches in Puerto Escondido to learn a bit about the local figures that locals travel miles on foot to visit. We were only days away from Good Friday, and you can feel the religious energy pulsing through this modest, yet elegant, holy place.

After paying our respects, we continued north to experience what was promised as the best mole negro in all of Oaxaca. Along the way, we sampled fresh limes from trees on the street (you won’t find lemons anywhere in Mexico!), pulled cashmere-soft cotton from cotton trees, smelled fresh herbs, and shared “hola’s” with the locals who seemed genuinely happy to see “gringos” traversing the local veins of their town.

7 Reasons to Visit Puerto Escondido

Gina showing off a friend’s wares

We arrived at small local caterer’s house, a place you’d never notice from the streets in a million years. Beyond the old gates, and past the loyal/friendly guard dog, we met Doña Inez: the grandmother of cuisine in Puerto Escondido. She works with the women in her extended family to create delicious meals for local weddings and events — and a few lucky tourists, like us.

We just happened to arrive on a day when she had leftovers from an order the day before. To say the food we were given was mouth-wateringly delicious would be an understatement to the fullest. HOLY POLLO! The tamales and mole negro was out of control. Wrapped in banana leaves (don’t eat the leaves), we unearthed the spicy/sweet/savory goodness that nearly made us fall over.

7 Reasons to Visit Puerto Escondido

Gina showing us the local food in the caterer’s kitchen

Thinking we couldn’t sample anything even close to as good as this, we had our minds blown when we sunk our teeth into the creamy custard wrap. Think creme brulee and corn on the cob having a baby. They basically had to drag me outta there. I felt like a vampire on True Blood after tasting fairy blood.

7 Reasons to Visit Puerto Escondido

That’s me with the woman who makes chocolate and Gina

To be honest, what followed was all a bit fuzzy, as I remained in a glorious food comma for the rest of the tour. In short, we visited a local woman that makes super yummy chocolate from local cacao beans, went to the Mercado (think Chelsea Market) to sample more delicious local food (I also bought a gorgeous hand-embroidered blouse for only $10!), and a made a few more foodie stops that seemed to blur together in a haze of delicious smells and tastes.

7 Reasons to Visit Puerto Escondido

Women selling food at the Mercado market in Puerto Escondido

All I can say is that I was totally blown away by this tour, and most of all, Gina. She loves this town, the people in it, and makes sure you walk away with a profound respect and appreciation for Puerto Vallarta. Her tour was definitely the best 300 pesos ($20US) I spent on this vacation, and gave me a much deeper appreciation and colorful perspective of this fascinating town.

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  1. Carolyn Watkins

    Is there anything better than sitting on the beach and watching the sunset?? There are a couple of beaches to enjoy watching the sun go down. Playa Zicatela and Playa Carrizalillo. Ahhhhh ☀️

  2. Lynette Dixon

    Many places claim to be the world’s best surfing beach but Puerto Escondido’s Palaya Zicatela would make it to the top ten. Even if you don’t surf,when you see the beach you will want to try it!

    • That’s good you don’t have to limit yourself when you’re in PE! make the most of our stay!

  3. Elsa Walton

    This is in my top 10 list to go to this year that’s why I am really doing a lot of research about the place and glad you wrote something about this town. Awesome!

  4. Courtney Warner

    If you’re planning to go to a place you’ve never been before, it’s best to do some research first,about reviews, tourist spots to visit and a place to stay. so when you go there you won’t spend too much time looking.


    Relaxing days on the beach, long nights partying, shopping in the night makter and big waves! This town really has something for everyone.

    • Patricia Butler

      Aww I missed this place, the photos bring back memories! Hop to come back soon.

  6. Deanna Harper

    Escondido has all from kayaking, boating, bird-watching, and swimming in phosphorescent waters. You might wanna try as well.

  7. Ramona Hampton

    I loved the beach, it’s sun, sunsets and waves. Perfect for surfing.

    • I’ve heard about this town from a friend and seeing this photos and reviews makes me want o book a ticket now!

  8. Best place to go to for a quick weekend getaway and surf all day!

  9. DONNA

    I didn’t know this is also a good destination for surfing. Cool!

    • P.E. is more than just having the prettiest beaches, you should not forget to go to the night market as well!

  10. Leona Palmer

    It’s the best summer destination. Thanks Urbanette for featuring my favorite town ?

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