The Wedding Planner: So Necessary

It’s your wedding, and having a wedding planner is not want but a need.


3.    Make Quick Decisions

The Wedding Planner: So NecessaryAs previously mentioned, there are countless wedding day details to look over. Given that you’re pressured by an approaching date and hundreds of guests who’ll be attending, you’ll need to make decisions quick and in a hurry. The flowers, venue, seating arrangements, and more! Experienced planners will have recommendations on what to get. They’ll have sound suggestions on what goes well with what. They’ve been into this so many times that they’re experts when it comes to making decisions in the midst of wedding worries and woes. The bottom line: you won’t have a nervous breakdown if you have a planner who can assure you that everything is on track.

4.   Cater to You

Hiring a planner gives way to the easy management of your tasks both personally and professionally. You’ll definitely find yourself in moments sitting next to your husband-to-be with your planner, discussing details about your wedding, exploring venues, going to tastings, and more. But a perk of investing in a planner is that time to look after yourself and not get consumed with marital madness. Having a planned means having a moment to indulge in the 3 m’s: massages, manicures, and mimosas. Doing so keeps you relaxed and the stress at a distance.

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Originally from Denver and now living in NYC, Angie has been writing since she was small. She lives in the Flatiron district with her partner Tanya and their mutt Sparky (always adopt!) In her spare time she loves to paint (mostly abstract) and talk to random people on the street to find out what's interesting to them.

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    1. Avatar of Andree Templeman

      Andree Templeman

      Hiring a wedding planner is like having your very own PA in the world of weddings.

    2. Avatar of Kelly C. Lovins

      Kelly C. Lovins

      Surprisingly a big part of their job is negotiation and mediation between family members and friends. A wedding brings out the best and sadly the worst in people. Jealousy, trust issues, estranged family members, crazy mother in law they have seen it all. Which is a good thing as they know how to defuse the troublesome situation and help the engaged couple deal with the emotional crap that is sometimes thrown at them. No, it’s not fair but emotion will be running high and sometimes it’s great to have a professional come in and make everyone take a step back and get a different perspective.

    3. Avatar of Anis Felton

      Anis Felton

      Wedding planners are all about perfection. It takes a long time and a lot of hard work to organize the perfect wedding and they think of all the extra little details that usually get overlooked. They bring couples ideas to life, they make the impossible possible and they don’t even break a sweat.Go find your planner now and then chill.

    4. Avatar of Sandra Grijalva

      Sandra Grijalva

      The best part about hiring a wedding planner is they can make even the most luxurious and stunning Pinterest board come to life within your budget.

    5. Avatar of Sara Ramer

      Sara Ramer

      All wedding planners have budgets, timelines, guest list, spreadsheets you name it, they have a template for it and it will cover every detail you can imagine plus lots that you won’t have even thought of!! they have lists of questions for each supplier so that you know you are hiring the very best and they even have that all important list for the great shots of every important detail throughout the day.

    6. Avatar of Cristian Haun

      Cristian Haun

      I thing everybody should hire a wedding planner they’re a really good help my wedding planner already knew the best suppliers in the industry to go to plus they also did searches and checks with all my chosen supplies that I had in mind booked already. They only deal with the most trusted and professional companies as they have to look after their own reputation too. So go for it. You’ll not regret.

    7. Avatar of Jaime Flagg

      Jaime Flagg

      I so want a wedding planner but my parents don’t want a wedding planner, they want to do everything on their own.

    8. Avatar of Bobbie Q. Bess

      Bobbie Q. Bess

      My boyfriend needs to see this. Because he doesn’t want a wedding planner for our wedding. I hope he gets convinced.

    9. Avatar of Lola Hubert

      Lola Hubert

      I am sending this article to my husband to be. He need to read this.

    10. Avatar of Jamey Lindberg

      Jamey Lindberg

      I am now convinced enough to hire a wedding planner. Please suggest some wedding planner my wedding is due in March.

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