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Hi there fellow writer! We are always looking for great, original articles, and you are always looking for more visibility, more followers and to build your résumé (at least, we assume you are!)

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Urbanette is a conscious lifestyle guide. We specialize in helping our readers live a confident, happy and healthy life, using 100% original/unique content. We convey a message of positive self-image and empowerment for all women. We respect our reader’s intelligence and strive to deliver articles that enrich their lives. We offer straightforward solutions to modern urban living and thought-provoking articles about the culture that we live in. Articles that are insightful, enlightening and presented with personality.


Guest Blogging – get to know our style:

  • Have a look around our website to check out the length, topics and style of our articles. In a nutshell, we’re a cross between a blog and a magazine. In other words: lots of personality and a personal story or two is okay. We do not want dry, purely factual or essay-style articles. We like our articles to have some juice! 
  • The article must also teach our readers something, and have a perspective, with a strong point-of-view. We want you to connect with our readers in a personal way. Try opening with a personal story. Fill it with personality. This is a perfect example of the style we want for all articles. So is this and this (here are more by the same great author) and this and this author is good too… so is this one and this one. Check out this infographic for more ideas.
  • When you submit an article to us, your goal needs to be to make it be better than anything ever published on that topic. Ever. Anywhere on the web. And that takes time.
  • Your article should be well-researched and you should have edited it many times to remove superfluous copy. Say as much as you can in as few words as you can. Edit, edit edit. Each sentence counts. Make them short, easy to understand, and impactful. Let Hemingway and Grammarly help. Compose the article in this.



  • We don’t want articles that are dry. We are looking for a lot of personality. Reading it should be FUN!
  • Remove unnecessary sentences — try to say as much as you can in as few words as you can, in general.
  • Don’t send us something boring. For us to publish it, your article really needs to be a knockout article that could go viral… not something that’s easy to find elsewhere.


Here’s what the author box, at the bottom of each article and at the top of your author page, looks like:





  • Your article has to be unique and original — it can NOT have been published anywhere else online. You will be signing over the copyright to Urbanette, and we’ll make sure nobody else re-publishes it.
  • You are not permitted to get any remuneration (trips, product, discounts, payment, etc.) in exchange for any article submitted to Urbanette, nor are you permitted to use Urbanette as a reference to get anything free or discounted.
  • We reserve the right to edit the article and to remove any links you added. (Posts that promote or link to your brand need to be sponsored. Please contact us for more details on that.)
  • You must spend just as much time to promote your articles as you do writing them. Or even more, if you can. So, if you took eight hours to write the article, you need to spend at least eight hours on outreach. Minimum.




Not sure what to write about? Find ideas that will go viral. Interesting stuff that people will want to share. Again, look at this infographic. Then email us with your article topic suggestions, along with a paragraph containing a detailed description of each article idea.

Will it be in print? If your article is really juicy, it just may end up in one of our fabulous and chic print issues.

Questions? Read this page twice, then email: writers @ urbanette .com (remove the spaces!)

Want to write for us long-term? If you’d rather have an ongoing volunteer position, or want to do more than just write articles, check out our fun Volunteership Positions.

Wondering why we don’t pay? #1: you’re building up your résumé and getting exposure and new followers. #2: because we give 100% of profit to help disenfranchised women become entrepreneurs. #3: if you write often enough, you can get incredible perks.



Keep in mind that we don’t publish articles that provoke insecurity in women. Our articles focus on empowerment and self-acceptance.


  • Opinionated articles about culture, mostly American, as it relates to women
  • Luxury lifestyle: travel, home, fashion, etc. (but not product lists)
  • Organic, healthy and eco lifestyle: beauty, fashion, health, exercise and food tips
  • Advice: (white-collar) career/entrepreneurship and relationships
  • Group interviews (conversations) with well-known female authors about a specific topic (conducted via text chat, which you will need to forward us)


  • Celebrity gossip
  • Current events and breaking news
  • Budget or affordability-focused shopping or tips
  • Wedding-related pitches
  • Articles that are essentially lists of products
  • Articles that primarily promote a product or service
  • Articles about one-off events or sports
  • Parenting tips or products for kids
  • Seasonal-based tips (we don’t want the article to seem outdated in a few months); we focus on evergreen content
  • Articles that include products that contain toxins or require killing animals, or that are meant for men or children
  • Any thing about anti-aging, anti-cellulite, makeup, or anything that insinuates that women need to change their bodies (in an aesthetic way) to look more pleasing to others



Did you read everything above carefully?
Does your article adhere to our guidelines?
If so:


Awesome Rewards

guest-posts-authorsFor writers whose article gets over 100k unique page views in the 30 days following its publication, we’ll send you a big box full of product. You can choose from handbags, beauty products, and whatever brands have sent us.

As an example, our Michelle Pfeiffer interview got 100k unique page views in only 5 days simply because it was shared on the Mercy for Animals website, and on a couple of other vegan blogs.

guest-blog-posts-authorsIf your article gets over 500k unique page views, you can choose your next article*, and we will request services and/or product for you to write about. Example: We Tested 5 Self-Tanners, Great Organic Skincare Lines, or Bathroom Makeover, etc.

*with our assistance, of course, and we reserve the right to cancel these offers at any time.

All content is strictly copyright. Contact us for permission.